Video Production

4K UHD video production services have become standard at Kollins. We are the pioneers in shooting and posting in UHD and have developed a production workflow that streamlines location videography and motion graphics with a dedicated team of directors, producers, VFX artists, A/V engineers, art directors.

Digital Display

Our strong partnerships with display companies and manufacturers give us an edge in design and installation of digital displays with the brand point-of-sale retail messaging. Depending on your needs, we can design, shoot, edit, post, and install your digital display on-site.

We are an authorized BrightSign media player reseller and have years of experience with producing and distributing multi-screen, HD or 4K content for playback on SDR or HDR monitors.

Web/App Design

Our expert team of UX designers, graphic designers, web developers, application developers, and project managers will redefine your marketing goals. We believe in usability and responsive design, so end-users won’t have to guess.

From website design to social media content, Kollins will be your strategic partner to success.

Cgi/3D Graphic

Using the state-of-the-art digital lab that includes all the latest hardware and software solutions, Kollins delivers exceptional 3D product imagery and architecture visualization that is more practical than traditional photography. Visually recreating your entire product avoids setting up another photo shoot for a missed shot. Our models can be used for digital, print, or video distribution. Once CGI/3D is done, you control the camera!

Studio 55

Our medium-sized studio is clean, efficient, features a hard cyc, and ground level loading area. Other facilities available during your shoot are our multi-purpose green room, wardrobe, make-up stations, food court, wifi. and on-site parking. Our studio is available for rental as well as for use with our on-site editing suites.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is a new approach to a traditional business model. It is the result of web, event, video production, post-production, and fulfillment, which ultimately engages the consumer with the product. Kollins Communications is in a perfect position to support your marketing goals with experiential marketing and consumer engagement.